With the ever advancing technology, photographs can now be resized using different methods. This kind of editing has been adopted by many and anyone can use it without any difficulty. All it requires is to install some applications like Photoshop, Microsoft Paint and many others to choose from. Below are the many techniques to apply for photo resizing:

Using this method is not as hard as most would think. So long as you have it installed, it will take some few steps before your photo is as cool as you’d want it to be. Here is how it is done;

First, open the app and click on the image to resize. Once you have the chosen image, tap the image size bar. Pick your desired size and your image will take on such dimensions. It is usually in pixels but you could alter it to centimeters or inches. However, ensure that proportionality is evidenced in your image for originality. After all that, click OK; as simple as that.

There are some few clarifications that need to be ironed out though. In the settings box, you will see ‘Pixel Dimensions’ and ‘Document Size’. This can get you scratching your head but don’t you worry, this is the way out. Pixel Dimensions are basically the size of your image that you wish your picture to possess. It determines the size of your image. Document Size, on the other hand refers to the size your picture will appear in print form. Its measurements are usually in inches. To summarize, the two are very different since the latter only applies for print while the former is used to control the picture size in various mediums.

Microsoft Paint
If you aren’t lucky to have Photoshop, here is another way out. Photo resizing options never seem to run out. For Ms Paint, it is never that technical as the first one. Below is how you go about resizing an image.

Open the image, click the top box on ‘resize’ and a resize image section will show up. Choose the image size of your choice and be keen to ensure the image proportion is also taken in consideration. This you do by checking the ‘maintain aspect ratio’ section. It works hand in hand with ‘Constrain Proportions’ in the Photoshop application. This kind of setting ensures your picture’s height and weight are consistent. Once you are satisfied with the changes, click OK to save the changes.

Free Web Application
There are many free web applications for photo resizing to choose from. However, there are popular ones that have fascinated many. One of them is avatarmaker.net and it only takes a moment to have it in your device. Here is how to do it;

Click on https://avatarmaker.net/ and browse for your image to undergo such changes. Once you have it, tap the Continue button to show the settings like image resize effects and cropping. As you move on, you will see lots of settings options like rotation, image flipping, cropping, frames, paint and image resizing. For the resizing option, go for the ‘Custom size’ and fill in your best dimensions. Save the image in the ‘Save As’ section and finalise the process by clicking on the “I’m Done, Resize My Picture!” to bring you a better image than before.

From there, you are directed to a new section where you can save your image to the computer and get links for sharing it on any website. You could also edit it again. Other Free Web Applications include; Resize Your Image, Shrink Pictures, Web Resizer and Resize Pic.

Those are just but the few ways of photo resizing methods. Once you have any of the above, what more do you wish for‘ The methods in the other sites do not fall far from the ones stated above. Other methods of resizing could be using iPhoto, GIMP or others like Google Picasa. In IOS and Android versions, there are more apps to do the same image resizing. It is only that that one needs to know about photo resizing methods.

While using all the above methods, quality should always be at the topnotch. As is known, too much compression results to the loss of the quality of the picture hence making it appear worse than the original one. To avoid such, use the applications moderately and accurately. However, to resize the image to be as small as possible, opt for some formats like JPG, GIF or PNG.